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Thank you RJ
Right now I'm working on a series of books, the first is complete and edited and I am raring to get it into peoples I understand is when the real work begins! I'm up to the challenge.
About me...abbreviated version...
I live on a small island with my hubby and our four dogs.
I was born in Ontario and raised in Alberta and the Northwest Territories. Had four children while living in Canada's arctic, two with my first husband of Inuit and Sami descent. My main characters are based on my two eldest girls. :)
While living in the Arctic I worked as a legal secretary, managed the parts department at Buffalo Airways, co-owned and operated a helicopter charter company and a candy store...I have a big sweet tooth.
After moving our charter company to British Columbia, we sold the business and bought a farm on Prince Edward Island (I bought it over the phone, sight unseen, while my hubby was picking up a helicopter in Chicago). After farming for eleven years, while I also worked corporately, we sold the farm and moved back to the west coast.
I continued working corporately and eventually became an independent contractor. I published True Blue Spirit magazine for over six years, opened a natural health store (which I sold four months ago) and I continue to run a distribution business. My biggest enjoyment comes while working on my books and spending time with my 8 grandchildren and 4 granddogs.
Too much info? The first sentence is what's important :LOL:
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Jun 26, 2014
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Hi Dorothy
We have a lot of Canadians here at Savvy! Welcome.
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