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Hello All!
I am very active on Instagram (@TheTenaciousFlower) and discovered this page from another author's story post. The Sweetheart Pitchfest was a definite enticement for me to come see what Savvy Authors was all about.

I am an elementary school librarian, with two young kiddos of my own. Writing has always been an interest of mine. A year ago, a seed was planted in my mind to pen a children's picture book. I am now sending my wishes off into the universe in the hopes that a publisher or agent will help me grow my manuscript into a gorgeous flourishing children's book.


~* It Starts with a Wish *~

Emily Poletick Job
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Jun 26, 2014
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LOL! I hope you had fun with Pitchfest! It's pretty exciting around here during this week.
Fingers crossed that you got a request!
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