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Hello fellow writers! I'm new to the space and am most interested in meeting critique partners. I have a finished manuscript, but only friends have read it (and I think they're too lovely and supportive to give any hard-nosed criticism). I'm most interested in local meetups but can't seem to find any online. Does anyone know if SavvyWriters connects writers in that way?

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Mar 18, 2011
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Welcome, Lauren! I'm not aware of critique meetups, but Savvy has offered a great Four-Point Critique workshop/exchange and also writing boot camps, where authors team up. Many authors have found critique partners through them, myself included. (There is a plotting boot camp in June and a Summer Writing Camp in July.) Those are the critique options I'm familiar with here but there may be much more. There may be Special Interests Groups regarding critiquing, I'm not sure. :)
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Dec 31, 2014
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Hi @Lauren Accardo

Welcome! I have been offline since my computer died in May and my new one arrived, so I just got around to welcoming.

I see you haven't participated much. I'm sorry most haven't been active.

There is a bootcamp now and that builds group sharing of crits.

I suspect SIGs--Special Interest Groups will grow out of the bootcamps. They are perfect for critiques.

PM me if I can help.

PS I'm a Moderator here and can find answers, if I don't know them.
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