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Jun 26, 2014
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Hi all
We just sent out our 2021/22 Request for Proposals! So if you have a mad skill that other authors can use, read on!

Teach at SavvyAuthors!

As an author, we know you have a lot on your plate. So, why not make some extra cash with all the great information and hard lessons you’ve learned? You paid in sweat and coffee, now let that knowledge make extra cash for you by teaching at SavvyAuthors!

We provide the classroom infrastructure, an online moderator, promotion through our newsletter and social media channels, and all the administrative work. All you have to do is provide and post the content!

We are currently accepting workshop proposals for the end of June 2021 and into 2022.

We are on the lookout for craft workshops with clearly actionable content such as:

  • Plotting especially beat sheets and fast drafting. Also interested in easy guides to character arcs or new takes on story structure.
  • Adopting or strengthening the use of GMC, creating tension, character creation and layers, internal wounds.
  • Writing elements, especially scene and sequel, filtering description, showing versus telling, deeper point of view, how to make characters unique and different through their point of view.
  • Self-editing best practices and processes such as writing to market and working on a rapid release schedule. Think of ways to polish the first five or ten pages to get past the slush pile.
  • Writing business materials such as crafting a blurb, query letter, or synopsis.
We are less interested in general interest, marketing, and business workshops.

  • We’re still looking for great workshops on these topics, but there will be a limited number of spots available.
  • All classes on these materials must provide practical information with a clear application to selling books.
  • Genre-specific classes around romance, mystery, and suspense are of interest this year. We would also like to add classes on other genres such as Young Adult, Middle Grade, Picture Book, and Nonfiction.
NEW This Year!

We are also on the lookout for classes that are well-suited to a video class. The video class will consist of three to five 20 minute recordings or shorter but no fewer than 60 minutes of recorded time.

We are looking for instructors with a strong registration background and the ability to produce and record professional videos. SavvyAuthors will provide video editing with presenters that are a good fit with our vision.

We are not currently accepting proposals for live webinars.

The fine print

We provide a class roster and detailed accounting. Our stipend is 50% of fees, plus a yearly premium membership valued at $40. If you are willing to teach the class for us only, we will happily pay you 60% and give you additional promotion and advertising. We prefer new or workshops that haven’t been presented online in the last 12 months.

Please do visit us at SavvyAuthors.

If you still have questions after reviewing Teach for SavvyAuthors, please shoot us an email!
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