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New for 2017 Hello, Mr. Werewolf, Ms. Demon: Creating Non-Human Characters with Beth Daniels,

Revive those paranormal and urban fantasy characters!

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    The world of fiction sometimes seems overrun with characters who aren’t exactly human – or as human as you and I, at any rate. They’ve had their DNA tinkered with, poisoned, altered if they were once human and are now a were-being or shape-changer, a vampire, a zombie, or Spider Man. Even ghosts qualify, as do the half-breed humans who have an old god for a parent.

    There are also characters who came with a bit more mojo packed in their tidy little human bodies: witches, sorcerers, wizards, psychics, mutants (like the X-men). Then there are the non-humans: members of the Fae, the old gods, monsters of legend, unicorns and dragons, centaurs, angels, demons, folks from other worlds and other universes.

    And this is just a short list.

    The question is, do you use the “usual” creation story for their kind, or build both a new creation story and a world (as JK Rowling did for Harry Potter or JRR Tolkien and George RR Martin have done or George Lucas did) where these characters live and interact with beings we don’t find on Earth?

    In 4 weeks, we’ll create some new creation stories, build characters who are out-of-this world, or at least only frequent Earth in legends and tales spun by other writers. Anne Rice created a vampiric history that went beyond good old Vlad the Impaler, didn’t she? You can, too, in this workshop!