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New for 2017 Time Travel, Parallel Worlds, Alternative Dimensions, & Story Worlds w/Beth Daniels

Craft unique and believable story worlds for any genre!

  1. bhendbks-yahoo.com
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    Wormholes are handy things…not for worms (well, yeah, maybe they are for worms) but for writers looking beyond our own humdrum existence. Humdrum because the real world can’t do the things, or go to the places, that our imaginations can.

    Taking science possibilities, ponderables, and possibly even impossibilities (though physics does cover a lot of things that are only currently impossible, not totally impossible), for an imaginary spin is what sci-fi and fantasy writers are all about.

    In 4 weeks we’ll travel down these imaginary wormholes to find our own story possibilities via Time Travel, Space Travel, Cracks in the Space Continuum, and journey forth into parallel worlds, alternative dimensions and, by following the footsteps of FARSCAPE or FIREFLY, into the farthest reaches of space.

    Think of the possibilities…of the impossibilities being made believable, thrilling, chilling, addictive.

    This is the month to dream REALLY big. To take that first step…or a few more than that…into a world of your own envisioning, with a little boost from what physics dangles like a carrot before our muses’ eyes.
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