Mastering Deep POV with Delancey Stewart

Craft Mastering Deep POV with Delancey Stewart

Veteran editors Dawn and Nancy (aka USA Today bestselling romcom author Delancey Stewart) of indie editing house Evident Ink walk readers of all genres through one of the most critical concepts of storytelling -- deep POV. This is a method used to bring readers into the story, to put them next to (or inside of!) the characters, rather than keeping them at a distance.

Through years of experience working with authors and editing stories, Dawn and Nancy have mastered top tips to help authors at any phase of their writing journey pull readers into their stories.

Dawn and Nancy have over 30 years of fiction editing experience between them,and together they host the ongoing series "Story Strategy" - available on YouTube and wherever you find your podcasts, dedicated to helping authors of all levels and genres understand how to craft more compelling stories. Find their site at