Speed Dating for Crit Partners: Summer Edition

Special Event Speed Dating for Crit Partners: Summer Edition

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Finding a critique partner can be one of the most difficult parts of writing but having a crit partner that understands your work and you can make the difference between writing success and limping along. We have tried all the different ways to find crit partners and found each of them just does not hit the mark.

  • How do you find someone who writes like you?
  • Who shares your writing goals and is willing to help you while you help them?

We're taking a page from one of the most successful dating experiences: Speed Dating and during the months of July and August we will have an event that matches you with a series of crit partners for one week of guided critiquing activities! Then we'll go to the next partner and critique again. By the end of the event, you will have critiqued and had your work critiqued by 5 people who like you are looking for that perfect critique partner. Will you find a match? We cannot say for sure, but we can say that we will provide a safe, fun and mentored way to work through the process!

Come join us for two months of Crit Speed Dating and find your match!

This past January we tried this approach and it actually seemed to work! So we are running it again.
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  1. Hollie

    I appreciated the added bonus of critiquing instruction/ideas on top of matching up people for critiques. It was fun to read other people's works, not just those I critiqued. I also really enjoyed seeing how others tackled critiquing. The instructor/facilitator was very responsive and engaging. I plan to do it again, if it's offered.​
    Mar 2, 2018

  2. NC

    I enjoyed the workshop. It was what I had in mind when deciding to do the workshop. I valued the feedback given by many of my matches and enjoyed the varied work posted. However, I felt there could be more consistency, such as the workshop leader/mods ensuring people posted in time and responded in time so people's time was not wasted. We were also told that the workshop leader would do the occasional critique but none was done. I felt that it would have been good if at least one was done as it would have been an example for many to follow. Overall many did lengthy critiques taking all aspect of story telling into consideration, however on occasion you can tell when someone was not bothered to do justice. Then there were people posting the same story again and again without working on it and you wonder why? is it to waste people's time?

    Overall I liked the critique workshop. I have made contacts with like minded people whom I hope to continue working with.​
    Mar 1, 2018

  3. giffmacshane

    I really enjoyed having different people reading and critiquing my posts; I felt it gave me the chance to see different points of view, as well as showing me people I really would and would not like to have an ongoing partnership with.

    I did feel, though, that the moderator(s) might have stepped in at certain points. For instance, one attendee posted the same passages every week without making any attempt to edit their work. So at least 3 people gave her the same comments -- it was fairly obvious where improvement was needed. I also felt the last pairing was pretty far off track when there was still another historical writer I could have been (and hoped to be) paired with.

    Overall, an excellent idea and a great experience.​
    Feb 27, 2018

  4. jenniferj805

    The class was well thought out. I miss understood where the lectures would be posted, therefore I missed most of those until the end of the fourth week. The instructor was thoughtful about coordinating critique partners, and answering questions. I would recommend the class to other writers and already have.​
    Feb 27, 2018DeleteWarnReport

  5. Micole Black

    This was a great event, and I learned a lot. I would be happy to do it again.​
    Feb 26, 2018

  6. DiDi Hendley

    I had great hopes for this class--not only to find a crit partner, but to open a door to a fellow writer so my room isn't so lonely. That didn't happen, unfortunately. I understand that this type of event can be difficult to pull off. I hope some of the writers were successful matches. My recommendations for a future crit-partner event: 1. offer multiple crits per person each week. My third crit felt like a duplicate of my first--thus a waste of time for both of us. This will offer various perspectives of the same piece and if someone backs out (especially without notice), then the person still has responses. If it means the piece has a lower word count to accomplish--that's okay. 2. Offer that if another person (not chosen) wants to crit, they can. I found some I would've liked to comment on, but felt it would've been pushy. There was a person I would've liked to received a crit from, but I was never partnered with her. It's hard to know in the isolation of my computer screen what's acceptable behavior. Crossing the line might offend some--which my bluntness tends to do anyways. 3. In the introductions, consider asking people about their backgrounds. I've studied writing for ten years--I may have offered a crit to someone who's only studied for a month and my responses might not be as in-depth. Has the other person published? I don't know--especially if the person is using a name other than their pen name. The last person didn't even seem to offer anything--I'm assuming it's because she was new to writing and only wanted her work critiqued. Maybe I was too harsh...IDK.
    I tend to mark what I see and her curt, simple crit made me think I offended her. So, with 5 crits possible, two tossed out as worthless, and one person didn't respond the week before for her crit--so she didn't show up for mine either. That left two crits of any substance--and one clearly didn't care for my writing style. While my rating isn't high--based on my personal experience, of course--this type of event has great value and I hope you will consider offering it again with modifications. Thanks.​
    Feb 26, 2018

    1. Author's Response

      Thank you, Didi, for your feedback. I so wish your experience had been better. We're going to offer this again in the summer with modifications, some to try to address the problems you had.​

  7. Pam Laughlin

    I really enjoyed the critique partner event. I got a lot of great suggestions. I would suggest sending out a separate email for partner requests. The way I read it in Lesson 6 was that you’d be doing that. I just went back and reread it and saw my mistake. If it’s not too late I’d like to add mine. I would be more than happy to have TammyBurke, Giffmacshane or NC as a future partner.

    If you’re having a hard time getting precise matches you might consider changing it up a bit. If someone requests somebody, you could just send that person an invite.

    Thanks for putting this together. I know it was probably a lot of work. I also wanted to comment on your huge success with Pitch Fest. I participated last year too. You had tons more submissions this year.​
    Feb 26, 2018

    1. Author's Response

      Hi Pam, yes please do add yours! I did not switch off the form yet. :) . And thanks for the feedback. We actually struggled a lot about how to handle the matches with respecting everyone's privacy. We decided that if the matches were not mutual we would not report them to the individuals involved. It's in no way perfect, and we'll try to find a better way before the summer.​

  8. ARCooper

    Great class and lessons. However, it was several weeks before I realized there were assigned partners for each week for the class. I never got one partner to work with as she must have been like me and didn't see the list. Is there a way to tag/alert members to look in a different section other than the main course for things like this? Thanks.​
    Feb 26, 2018DeleteWarnReport

    1. Author's Response

      Hi AR and OH NO! I am so sorry about that. I will definitely work on the organization and notifications for our next session this summer. Thanks!​

  9. Mako-clb

    This was a great combination of useful lessons and a quick and easy way to get some needed feedback on one or more stories while also possibly finding a long-term crit partner.​
Week 1: Learn the basics of critique
Weeks 2-6: Critique 5 different chapters from 5 different people and have your chapters critiqued by same. Meanwhile, learn different critique tools and techniques each week.
Week 7: Finish up and see if you have found a mutual match!
Start date
Jul 1, 2018 at 9:19 AM
End date
Aug 19, 2018 at 9:19 AM
Registration end date
Jul 8, 2018 at 12:00 AM
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An interesting experiment to find a compatible crit partner. Meeting new people and reacquainting with others was also great. Worth the time required.
Glad it was useful for you! :)