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I have just published my first fiction novel entitled Eternity with Jesus: Now and Forever on Amazon (ASIN: B07GTM855M). This is a mixed genre work within a science fiction/fantasy format that features a genius Hispanic physicist main character who is a devoted Roman Catholic who time travels to the time when Jesus was a child to get a deeper understanding of what he needs to do to turn peoples’ hearts back to God. In addition to being exposed to the wonders and terrors of Jesus’ times, he is escorted by Jesus to the three realms of the afterlife of Purgatory, Hell, and the outskirts of Heaven. He gets much more than he bargained for, as he is exposed to a harrowing series of very painful experiences that dramatically thrusts him into a psychological and spiritual metamorphosis which tests his every mettle to remain sane and cognizant of this alternative reality that awaits us all.
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