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  1. Mystic Desire Front.jpg

    Mystic Desire Front.jpg

    A collection of short paranormal romance stories from a talented group of authors. From witches and warlocks to time travel and zombies, these fascinating stories will make you laugh, cry and smile.
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    I have just published my first fiction novel entitled Eternity with Jesus: Now and Forever on Amazon (ASIN: B07GTM855M). This is a mixed genre work within a science fiction/fantasy format that features a genius Hispanic physicist main character who is a devoted Roman Catholic who time travels to...
  3. Pamela Jaye Smith

    Lecture NEXT MYTHS - Lesson Three - Exploration Outwards

    CREATING OUR NEXT MYTHOLOGIES Lesson Three – Exploration Outwards Pamela Jaye Smith To infinity – and beyond! Since humans dropped down onto the savannahs of Africa, or clambered out of the rock-painted caves, stepped off the alien spaceships [or the remnants of the Battlestar Galactica...
  4. Pamela Jaye Smith

    Lecture Myth, Magic, Metaphysics - Lesson 6 - Ground Rules

    MYTH, MAGIC METAPHYSICS Lesson 6 - Ground Rules for science fiction, fantasy, magical realism, etc. Pamela Jaye Smith One of the most important things you must do in any fiction piece is to set up the ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ essential to take liberties with truth and reality...
  5. The Applicant

    The Applicant

    If you like sexy nerds, humor, plenty of action, and a love story not even time can disrupt, this romantic adventure has the perfect credentials for the job.
  6. The Break-in

    The Break-in

    Ten years ago, roboticist Forbes Pohle received a visit from time-traveler Oliver Lennox. "Wait for me," Oliver said. Now a decade has come and gone, and Oliver has returned. However, Forbes never dreamed Oliver would reappear as the point man for a gang of technology thieves breaking into his lab.