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Pitches open at 9AM EST, Wednesday September 29 and close at 11:59PM EST, Friday October 1

We have confirmed editors from Entangled Publishing, Champagne Book Group, Sourcebooks, and more! Confirmed agents fromThe Seymour Agency, The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency, Harvey Klinger Agency, and more! Click the buttons below to see the Agent and Editor bios and wishlists!

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How this whole Pitchfest thing works…

  • Register for the Pitchfest and a free membership at SavvyAuthors
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    • But, we take your privacy very seriously! (Privacy Policy)
  • After 9AM EST the day of the Pitchfest, post your three-line pitch as a comment on our site
  • Lastly, please review the Pitch Rules before pitching.

Need some help with your pitch?

We’re running THREE FOUR PitchPrep events with THREE FOUR editors!

Entangled Publishing's Robin Haseltine

Entangled Publishing's Amy Acosta

Entangled Publishing's Heather Howland

Entangled Publishing's Alethea Spiridon

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    Sep 17, 2021
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