Craft Mentoring and Coaching with Editorial Director and Author June Diehl

    Are you seeking a coach and mentor who listens? Doesn't squash your writing style? And who provides positive, constructive feedback to meet your goals? As a certified coach with a background in education and over a decade of working with writers, my goal is to offer you an individualized...
  2. Yvonne Walus

    Craft The Jigsaw Effect - Beyond the Snowflake Method with Yvonne Walus

    You've probably heard of the Snowflake Method of writing, pioneered by award-winning writer Randy Ingermanson. Its premise is that you begin with a a single sentence that represents the theme of your book and then add complexity building outwards from that sentence until you have a full-blown...
  3. Gloria Ng

    Intros & Newbies YA Fantasy

    Thanks to Deb Mc for referring me here. Hoping to break into the YA Fantasy genre this year. Would love to find some online courses/resources on improving craft/plotting/etc. Any recommendations are welcome and much appreciated! Thanks, Gloria

    Craft Master Workshop in Story Planning with June Diehl

    If you plan before you begin your draft or plan during the drafting part of your writing process, we’ll cover many of the techniques that you can use to help make your drafting go smoother. If you current do no or little planning before or during the writing of the story draft, we’ll explore...
  5. Becky Martinez

    Craft Let’s Plot Your Novel with Becky Martinez

    Don’t let the plotting process get you down. It can seem like a major undertaking, but once you figure out what works best for you, you can let the real author in you come out and get down to plotting any type of story – from romance to thriller to fantasy, from short stories to a long series...
  6. Becky Martinez

    Craft Beginner Writing Series with Becky Martinez

    Don’t let the plotting process get you down. It can seem like a major undertaking, but once you figure out what works best for you, you can let the real author in your come out and get down to plotting any type of story – from romance to thriller to fantasy, from short stories to a long series...
  7. Paris Wynters

    Plot-Structure The Nuts and Bolts of GMC with Paris Wynters

    The foundation of every functional novel is goal, motivation, and conflict. What your character wants, why they want it, and what they’re willing to endure to get it. Sounds simple in principle, right? But I’ve seen a lot of people struggle with this, so over the next few weeks, I’m going to...
  8. Beth Daniels

    Writing Life Steal Writing Time Back: Whopping the Procrastination Demon with Beth Daniels

    Hello, my name is Beth and I’m a Master Procrastinator. Or at least I was. I’m a recovering procrastinator now, but you can’t become one of these until you do a few things. What are they? · Realize what is taking up so much of your time. · Clarify whether it really is...
  9. Jacqui Jacoby

    Research Behind the Scenes: The Research Before the Book with Jacqui Jacoby

    Before the book, before a writer types a word on a page, there is an idea. And behind that idea are the characters, the background, the location. Research is an important aspect of any story. Whether the writer prepares their background information before they begin to write the story, or if...
  10. Becky Martinez

    Plot-Structure Find Your Perfect Plotting Method – Different Ways to Plot with Becky Martinez

    What is the best way to plot your novel? Not every process works for every author. Sometimes you might find a combination of methods that can work for you. In this class we’ll take an in-depth look at the various plotting methods, and you can determine what might work best for the way you like...
  11. Catherine Chant

    Craft Freedom and Framework: Story Planning for Pantsers with Catherine Chant

    Flying by the seat of your pants to write the first draft for your book feels so freeing. It’s a time to play, to experiment, to try out new ideas. What fun! But diving into a project as big as a novel without any plan at all often means a lot of extra work after the draft is completed as you...

    Craft Writing the Emotional Journey with June Diehl

    Are your readers satisfied with your stories? Are they reluctant to put your story aside? At the end of your story, the reader should sigh, with a sense of satisfaction, when finishing your story, one which they will remember for a long time coming. So how does one create a satisfied reader...
  13. F.T. Bradley

    Genre YAlit 101: Writing for Teens with F.T. Bradley

    Ever thought of writing books for teens? Young Adult (YA) fiction is a hot market, and many authors alternate their novel writing work for adults with YA. As vibrant as the teen book market is, there are some skills you’ll need to pick up to be a successful YA fiction writer. This two-week...
  14. C

    Plot-Structure Layering: Not Just for Cakes with Chris Redding

    In this class, you will start with two pages of dialogue and transform it into a fully functioning scene. By adding each element of what needs to go into a story individually, you will see how it all makes the whole. You will also be able to add all the elements seamlessly, including description...

    Plot-Structure Beating Up Blake Snyder’s along with Chris Vogler’s Journey with Sally J. Walker

    Every storytelling/screenwriting guru has their own outline of how Beginning-Middle-Ending unfolds, naming necessary beats/events and identifying when they should happen. The 16 lessons of this four week course will walk through the comparison-contrast of two: Blake Snyder and Christopher...
  16. Lori Devoti

    Genre Plotting and Planning: How to Write a Cozy Mystery with Lori Devoti

    Plotting and Planning: How to Write a Cozy Mystery Love cozy mysteries and dying to write your own, but don’t know where to start? In this eight-week course, Lori Devoti (aka Rae Davies) USA Today Bestselling author of the Dusty Deals Mystery Series, will walk you through everything you need to...
  17. CassandraCarr

    Genre Writing the Sports Romance with Cassandra Carr

    Sports romance is one the fastest-growing subgenres of the romance market. After all, who doesn't love a man who's strong, skilled (on and off the field) and rich? However, it's also one of the hardest to get right. Details are the most important part of a successful sports romance. In this...

    Character Extreme Makeover with Robyn DeHart

    EXTREME MAKEOVER: TAKE YOUR CHARACTERS FROM DRAB TO FAB This workshop will give a writer the tools they need to craft a character, paying particular focus to character types, character goals, character growth, and conflict (both internal and external). Showing tried and true methods for...
  19. Becky Martinez

    Craft Brainstorm your Novel with Sue Viders & Becky Martinez

    Two multi-published authors & writing coaches will answer all your story questions and work with you to brainstorm ideas for your first book or to get next book started. Get help with: developing your character’s background determining character flaws and faults and how to use them in the story...

    Craft The Never-Ending Plot Resource with Sally J. Walker

    Polti’s principle of 36 situations shows “There are no new stories.” This 8-session workshop from Sally Walker takes the writer through his situations and explains how to apply, twist and spark every story and its characters into unpredictable freshness, even with genre expectations.