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Jun 26, 2014
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Good Morning and happy Memorial Day to all of us in the U. S.!

We have some on-demand classes but at Savvy we do ours slightly differently. We offer occasional updates with recent material. This is what I just posted today in The Writer's Guide to AI class. I thought others might be interested in this as well.

If you have not considered an on demand class, I also recorded a free one regarding Information Security for writers ( Information Security for Writers (a free class from SavvyAuthors!)) and (best of all) the amazing Angela Knight has her Blueprint to Book: Plotting and Writing a Novel with Angela Knight now available on demand!

Hi all
Here is a quick update today on an interesting blog article I read from WritersWeekly:
Generative vs. Assistive AI…and When Writers Need To Disclose – K.M. Robinson

TLDR on this one: If you use generative AI (like ChatGPT and Claude) to create or write content, that content cannot be copyrighted per the US Copyright office. That is because YOU are not the author! It does make sense. Robinson gives a nice overview of this and how agents and editors see the use of generative AI in published work.

More when I learn more!
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