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Hi all
So, the bug that makes it difficult to drag and drop the tiles is delaying the next run. Basically if you have not run into this yet, it forces you to drop your tile on top of another. We have so many choices (nearly 60 now) in genres that this is nearly impossible to do on a large monitor and positively hellish on a phone! So our devs are finding a solution, likely a different library for this, and will have a fix hopefully by next week.

Rather than ask you guys to wrestle with a frustrating drag and drop feature we are going to fix it.

I will alert you when this is ready for you to try. Until then, why not check out Dawn's new event Find your Crew She's got some interesting stuff going on there! It's free as well!
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Being a complete idiot, I wrestled with the drag-and-drop a while back and then decided it was merely one more sign of my declining luck this summer...and I opted out to keep from getting matched with some poor romance writer who would be staring at 10 pages of high fantasy that are violent, clearly NOT romance, and in need of someone with a fantasy mindset to help help help me. :LOL: Today. I was "today-years-old" when I succeeded with the drag-and-drop and now I'm ready for tomorrow! YAY!

To the admins and crit match crew who do all this behind-the-scenes development: I am in awe. THANK YOU for coding and developing and making this come together. I did "coding" back when HTML was new (not lying...I was in the "computer club" in junior high in 1982-84) and I have nightmares from that time. I cannot imagine the angst all y'all have dealt with...so...from some chick in Florida...thank you.
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