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November 1-30th

YOUR Own NaNovember Adventure Bootcamp

It’s that time of the year with hot cocoa, warm stews, and the stress of writing 50,000 words in 31 DAYs


SavvyAuthors is holding our annual NaNovember event to help YOU get 50k words down on the page. This year we’ve decided to change things up. It’s still grueling. It’s still tough. And yes, there’s still no whining, but we’ve decided to focus on the most important point of NaNovember—meeting those word counts and finishing with a manuscript containing a cohesive story. Your goal:
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  • WIN with your 50,000 words
  • And REALLY WIN with a useable story in those words!

The writing assignments will be more focused and more useful to achieving the end goal—publishing your book. Each week we will have helpful assignments that hopefully get those creative juices going and keeps you focused on our Two Goals. If you want to complete the assignments then go right ahead! And if you don’t want to, that works, too. The assignments are just for you, no points for any of them.

This NaNo earn points by writing!
Because that’s the point, right?

More 2018 Special Events will be posted soon