Steal Writing Time Back: Whopping the Procrastination Demon with Beth Daniels

Writing Life Steal Writing Time Back: Whopping the Procrastination Demon with Beth Daniels

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Hello, my name is Beth and I’m a Master Procrastinator. Or at least I was. I’m a recovering procrastinator now, but you can’t become one of these until you do a few things.

What are they?

· Realize what is taking up so much of your time.

· Clarify whether it really is procrastination or something else.

· Decide to do something about it, deciding what is important and what isn’t as important, and what doesn’t even rate the designation of being considered important.

· Weed out impossible dreams from attainable goals.

A short list? In some ways. But look at it another way. Are you accomplishing anything? Or as much as you want to? If the answer is "ummmmm, well," then it’s time to take control. It’s not like you want a bushel basket full of “if onlys” rather than an avalanche of true accomplishments, is it?

Procrastination is made up of what sometimes feels like a zillion things interfering with any chance of you attaining your dreams. So, let’s start there.

In 4-weeks we’ll:

· Identify the specifics of the dreams and separate them from the goals. In other words, what’s doable and what could fall into the “meh” category if need be.

· Identify what’s holding things up. What are the biggest consumers of time and energy in your life? Rate them in importance on your ladder to success.

· Zero in on what the real problem is, what the true goal is. With calendar in hand, make a list.

· Draw up a workable plan to kick procrastination out the door.

If that sounds like I’m flogging the Plotter system of writing, you’re wrong. I’m a Pantser, but I did it – I took on procrastination and wrestled it to the ground. You can, too!
Beth Daniels
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