Writing Short Story Collections: The Glue That Makes Them Work with Beth Daniels

Craft Writing Short Story Collections: The Glue That Makes Them Work with Beth Daniels

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  1. Indie Publishing
  2. Characters
  3. Description/Setting
  4. Editing
  5. Dialogue
  6. Structure
  7. Genre
  8. GMC
  9. Plotting
  10. POV
  11. Series
  12. Shorts/Novella
  13. Voice
  14. Worldbuilding
  15. Writer's Life
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Time is short, and you really need to write something to keep your hand in the game. You could inch your way through a novel length tale. But you could also be writing short stories.

If you’ve been pounding out tales of 50,000 words, 85,000 words, or over 100,000 words, scaling back to the length of a short story might not be the easiest thing to accomplish. But when time is short, or you need to expand your reader snagging horizons, a short story could work like magic for you.

A short story can be 2,500 words in length on up to just shy of 7,500 words (7,500 to 40,000 words constitutes a novella). In other words, a short story is likely no longer than the average chapter (if you try to keep your chapters at similar lengths) or maybe three chapters. And three chapters is usually just the opening gambit and hook in a novel. Some realigning of story creation will be needed.

What can you do with a short story? Well, from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century, people who wrote novels made a living from writing short stories. There were lots of markets. It’s slimmed down since then, but there is still a market for them.

Short stories also work well for marketing your longer work. They supply readers with a glimpse of your style and your competency as a story teller. They also give the reader something they can read quickly.

In 4-weeks we’ll look at the structure of the short story, at what you’d like your briefer tales to accomplish, and what the best reason for you to turn your muse’s attention toward creating these much briefer story flashes.
Theme will be the glue to tie your short tales together, but success in building the reader base is the goal.
Beth Daniels
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