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Creating a Writing Habit Or How I Suck at Writing Every Day by Leslie Dow

Do you write every day?

If so I both commend you and snort in your general direction.

Nora Roberts was once asked how she continued to write and publish a book every 45 days. She responded, “What did you do this morning?” The interviewer mumbled something about coffee and Nora replied: “I wrote.”

And therein lies the difference.

Writers who are serious about developing craft and publishing good quality books write. They write A LOT. They write EVERY DAY. Do you write every day because I sure as heck don’t. So, I have to ask myself how serious am I? I know I love to write, or maybe love having written as Dorothy Parker stated.

Yes, people who write accomplish at a minimum the following:

  1. They write more words
  2. They improve their craft
  3. The more words you write, the better you get.

Do you need a 4th reason? Yeah, me neither.

I am determined to write, publish, and keep doing it.

Liz and Sharon started SavvyAuthors because they believed that the best mentors and teachers for authors are other authors. After all who else has been where you are now? I wholeheartedly believe this. Teaching what you know helps both the instructor and the student, and when it’s explaining what you know about writing you immerse yourself in the field and surround your life with craft. When you learn from another author you know they have the same doubts and questions that you have. When we all write together, all of us accomplish more and bring some community into what can be a lonely profession. Let’s face it, this is a challenging endeavor, and we need all the help we can get.

Nora Roberts gave an interview to Infinity Press while back.  I keep it bookmarked. When I need a swift kick in the motivation I refer to her 7th tip:

The most important advice in the world: BICHOK, which stands for Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard. In other words, sit yourself down and write. Write like it’s your job, not like it’s a hobby. If you’ve only been able to carve out an hour a day to write, write steadily through that entire hour. Don’t take days off, don’t avoid writing because you don’t feel like it today. Get in front of the computer and create words every single day of your life.


And Nora is right, of course.  We can take classes from the most talented instructors and amazing writers, but writing every day is the key to success in publication.  So the Savvy Crew has started a commitment to writing every day in our brand spanking new Chatrooms (Something new always helps, doesn’t it?). We invite anyone to become a free member of SavvyAuthors and join us throughout the day for writing sprints. There is a group there most evenings.  All this month, during Summer Bootcamp, there will be people popping in and out. There won’t always be someone in there, but stick around and write anyway. What do you have to lose?

Get committed (in a non-institutional way, of course) and be like Nora: BICHOK, baby.

Pink Owl

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Leslie DowLeslie is:

  1. The site director and owner of where she sits behind the curtain most days turning interweb knobs and twisting network dials.
  2. A complete and total slacker-writer who, if she does not get off her laurels and WRITE, is going to be flayed by the very talented writers who keep SavvyAuthors going.
  3. A rabid hiker who, when not on the trail, pours over the REI catalog, Sierra Trading Post website, and tries to justify buying more gear to shave another 1/2 ounce off her base pack weight.
  4. A medical device consultant who, when not hiking or thinking about hiking, occasionally works helping companies bring exceptionally cool and useful medical devices to market.
  5. An enthusiastic grandmother of the two cutest babies on the planet!!!!

OK, I’m out..time to sort the latest crisis is to afflict SavvyAuthors  ;-).

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Leslie is: The site director and owner of where she sits behind the curtain most days turning interweb knobs and twisting network di...