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Pitch Your Book to Lydia Sharp, Editor & Acquisitions Manager, Entangled Publishing – 2020 Sweetheart Pitchfest

*Pitch opens: February 12 2020 9:00am*
Pitch closes: February 14, 2020 11:59pm*   

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Lydia Sharp, Editor & Acquisitions Manager, Entangled Publishing

Young Adult, New Adult, Adult

Entangled Publishing



Currently looking for: Young adult, new adult, and adult.

In Young Adult: ANY genre with romance.

In New Adult: contemporary romance, sci-fi romance, urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

In Adult: contemporary romance, sci-fi romance, urban fantasy and paranormal romance, historical romance, upmarket women’s fiction with or without romance, high-concept thrillers with little to no romance.

Also seeking lead characters with minority identities in all of the above.

About Lydia:

Lydia Sharp is a Senior Editor for Entangled Publishing, the Acquisitions Manager, and Assistant Publisher. Since joining Entangled in 2013, Lydia has worked with authors who are New York Times bestsellers and USA Today bestsellers, as well as helped several debut authors see their dream of being published come true. Lydia is continually on the lookout for new authors and fresh voices to add to Entangled’s list, and would especially love to see more diversity in submissions.

About Entangled Publishing:

Entangled Publishing is an independent publisher of romantic fiction, in the adult, new adult, and young adult markets, distributed by Macmillan. Since its first release in 2011, Entangled has grown to thirteen imprints, with titles appearing on the USA Today Bestsellers list and the New York Times Bestsellers list, as well as recipients of various literary awards. Every month, Entangled releases several titles in digital-first format and selective titles in simultaneous print and digital formats. Our books are available at major online retailers around the world, and we have a joint partnership with St. Martin’s Press that enables us to showcase a select number of books in mass-market paperback. Many of our titles are also released in audio format. Our marketing team prides itself on thinking outside of the box while remaining sharp, savvy, and connected. Every book we publish receives a unique, custom-tailored marketing plan that we revisit regularly to ensure continued sales. We are actively seeking diverse authors and diverse books across all imprints, and we look forward to reading your stories.

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Title: Unredeemed
Genre: Thriller
Length: 79,000
Author: S. B. Gross

With the discovery of a body burned, buried, and forgotten in the desert, ex-con, Braxton Stone, must outsmart his wife's plan to kill him. He has to choose between redeeming himself to his brother or survival. He can't have both.
Title: Scaredy Cat
Genre: Urban Fantasy with romantic elements
Length: 98,000 words
Author: P Crake

Unlucky bakeneko, Miki, is terrified of fae, the mutant creatures of the Zone, and rain. But she will have to overcome all three if she is to rescue her missing best friend and remain the in only place she has ever felt at home, fae-occupied Kobe.
Title: Love Gone Crazy
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance Suspense
Length: 54,000 words
Author: Susan Burdorf

The night of the annual fireman's bachelor auction brings more surprises than a roomful of jack-in-the-boxes when Amelia's ex texts mysteriously asking to meet with her outside the theater. The police show up to arrest him for the murder of his current fiancee which he swears he didn't do, but no one except Amelia believes him, especially not the cute detective assigned to the case. Detective Ted Castleman is sure he knows what happened and why, but finding the proof may put them all in danger, and Amelia most of all.
Title:Mysterious Places(book 1 in series)
Genre:paranormal Romance
Length: 112,263 words
Author: Jennifer Wile

Doctors are always something a girl wants to take home to meet her parents, but a vampire, that was another story. Kidnapped and forced into their world, she wanted nothing more than to go home...that was until she wanted nothing more than to feel his body pressed up against hers.
More Text Than Sex
A relationship comedy/drama drowning in the music biz
82,000 words
Jim Shomos

Music never judges us but it sometimes helps us question.

Annie and Cat are determined to earn ‘street cred’ for Merger Music by running a public songwriting contest. Their CEO agrees, except Robbie from Marketing has to lead the project! While surviving the contest chaos, sexual tension and complex personal lives, their passion for music nudges Annie, Cat and Robbie onto unexpected mutual paths.
Genre: Contemporary YA with romantic elements
Word count: 58 000
Author: Jennifer Walker

Used to being a ghost in the halls of high school, Jodie has always found solace in a world of Stephen King novels, Oreo cookies, Dave Brubeck jazz riffs, and origami. Forever classified as a geeky outcast, she finally finds two like-minded souls that share her interests and accept her as she is: Bethany the visually-impaired, neuro-diverse new girl, and Jared the home-schooled, self-proclaimed nerdy frozen-yogurt clerk that she is crushing on big-time. But when the origami tutorial videos she creates go viral and have the potential to thrust her into the center of popularity, fortune and fame, Jodie is faced with a decision. Does she expose her identity and capitalize on the chance of being accepted by all those who have always shunned her, or will doing so jeopardize the only two true relationships she’s ever had?
Become a Half Breed The Zura Starfire Chronicles
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Word Count: 141,000 words
Author: Michell Burgan

As if being a single mom wasn’t hard enough. Try adding being a shifter to the mix. Life hasn’t always been easy for 23-year-old Zura Starfire. Every inch of her life she’s had to fight for everything she has. She knew sorrow, she knew pain, she knew sacrifice. With all of it, she always survived, but that’s only the beginning. The beginning of a hell of a long story. A story that shows how Zura became two supernatural beings in one curvy sexy body.
Title: Loving Lucifer
Genre: Paranormal Romance (New Adult)
Length: 77,000
Author: Jessica Micallef (J M Rose)

When Lucien walks into Catherine's life, he's just another handsome customer. Drawn to each other by an inexplicable force of attraction, neither of the two protagonists can foretell the Pandora's Box that their relationship will open, sending their lives and everything they love into a whirlwind of chaos and destruction. But can love prevail in the face of unexpected evil?
Title: Blood Torn
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 80,000 words
Author: Marie Dry

An ancient prophecy predict that when a vampire who cannot drink blood, an angel without wings and a witch without magic, are born, evil will rise again.

In a cottage on vampire land, Mary, a vampire witch unable to take blood, desperately search for a cure that will save her life. Only to find that only the blood of Adama, king of the vampires and killer of witches, will heal her.
Title: Beyond the Mirror
Genre: YA fantasy with romantic elements
Length: 70,000 words
Author: Liv Arnold

An ordinary teenage girl, Sophie, is pulled through her bedroom mirror by a handsome demon prince into the Netherworld. She discovers she’s half-demon and must aid their war before it spills over to Earth and she loses everyone she loves.
Title: Desire Lines
Genre: Upmarket women's fiction
Length: 62,000 words
Author: Pratyusha Mukherjee

Anushka and Jun Hao are Singapore’s poster couple for racial harmony—his father might object to the colour of her skin and her mother might question his background, but they are intent on battling the odds. It is only after Jun Hao kisses an old mate from the army that their happily-ever-after twists out of control. In Singapore, that’s a crime, and Anushka will make him pay.
Title: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Genre: Suspense with female protagonist
Length: 104,000 words
Author: Thomas Murray

Snarky, but likable Gwendolyn, a gifted art forger, switches hers for the original painting in a private home and escapes. The next morning, she learns that the owners were found killed. Someone claiming to be Gwendolyn confesses to the crime on a 911 call. She must travel to dangerous foreign lands to find the real murderers and clear her name.
Genre: YA Historical Paranormal Romance (18th-century Scotland)
Length: 112,000 words
Author: Yanicke Forfang

When seventeen-year-old smithy’s daughter, Boudica MacLean, is savaged by a nightmarish beast on the windswept moors of Mull, she wakes to discover a horrifying truth: she’s the last Cagairáin, an ancient race of enchanters who can tame vampires with a whisper, and the creatures who massacred her clan, a Celtic breed of vampire known as the bhaobhan sith, have learned she survived and are determined to finish what they began fourteen years ago—ridding the highlands of her kind.

Worse still, the boy she’s loved since forever, Aiden MacEachan, is a vampire too, returned after six years abroad under strict instruction to lure her to Macau and deliver her to his kin who covet her powers.

Now, as the bhaobhan sith close in, picking off her loved ones one by one, Boudica must decide: turn her back on the boy duty-bound to betray her and pray she can harness her erratic powers in time to fend off the bhaobhan sith on her own, or accept his offer to help develop her emerging abilities and defeat the bhaobhan sith once and for all, avenging her people and preserving the legacy of the Cagairáin.
Title: When Fire Splits the Sky
Genre: Psychological/Disaster Thriller
Length: 55,000 words
Author: Tyler James Russell

When a cataclysmic blast throws the world into chaos, former cheater Ben Watters agrees to help his wife Maranda—an abuse survivor with multiple personalities—reach Anchorage to find a missing family member. Driving through fiery chaos, they are pursued by two men in a black SUV with ties to Maranda’s past. To reach Anchorage, Ben and Maranda are forced to confront their blackest secrets as they decide what any relationship might be worth at the end of the world.
  • Title: Love in a Headlock
  • Genre: Adult Romantic Comedy
  • Length: 69,000 words
  • Author: Kelly Ohlert
Chocoholic jiu jitsu novice Adrianna has sworn off men, until Jordan comes to her rescue in a liquor store debacle and has her swooning. But he has secrets that aren't his to tell. She wants to let herself love Jordan with the same confidence she has in the sage advice gleaned from her one-sided pet fish conversations. But, this is hard when his suspicious phone habits go unexplained. She'll wrestle through anything to uncover his secrets, including unintended YouTube fame, a wild taxi ride, and a backyard spy mission that raises even more questions.

Thank you for your consideration.
  • Genre: Upmarket women's fiction / mystery
  • Length: 80,000
  • Author: Cari Dubiel
When three small-town residents - teen Dora, lawyer Caroline, and accountant Patrick - each receive a mysterious coded message in the mail, they're sent on a quest to find the sender. As the three code-breakers realize how they’re connected, they band together to uncover the sender's secrets - and confront their own pasts. READY PLAYER ONE x BIG LITTLE LIES
Title: The Glimpse
Genre: YA Speculative
Length: 82,000 words
Author: M Lyda

On the verge of being disowned by her family after being outed by a worldwide glimpse of the future, a 16-year old girl joins those vowing to live opposite to change that future. But after she begins dating a girl she meets in the group, she must choose between keeping her family or accepting her true self to keep her girlfriend and live out her destiny as one of the 100 most influential people of the year 2040.
Title: Behind The Scenes
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Rom-Com
Length: 95,000 words
Author: Amy Kathryn Jones

The Bachelor has nothing on MATCHED--the show where compatibility, not chemistry, determines the winner. The prize? An arranged marriage guaranteed to succeed. When America's favorite runner up returns as the star of his own season, ratings are at an all time high. But falling into bed with his sexy producer is definitely NOT in the contract.
Title: Sing Like A Nightingale
Genre: Women's Historical Fiction with romantic elements
Word Count: 90,000
Author: Mariah Julio

Rosemary expects cooperation at nursing school instead she finds treachery, deception and arrogance, and that’s just her boyfriend. Framed by the havoc of the 1960s, Rosemary faces obstacles with heart and wit until unexpected tragedies force her to question every decision and conquer her fears. During her journey, Rosemary discovers that while the song of the mockingbird is lovely, it can also pierce her heart.

- Title: Spiritus
- Genre: High-Concept Psychological Thriller
- Length: 80,000 words
- Author: Mike Krentz

An archbishop’s ritualistic murder thrusts the lives of an ex-seminarian criminal profiler, an ex-priest cult leader, and the former nun they both loved into a twisting collision course. Robert Langdon and the Mindhunter meet The Nowhere Man and The Silent Patient in a tale of malice, vengeance, and justice. Must two die for one to live?