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IndieCafé is a set of tools, classes, webinars, and events focused on helping the self-published author. All of us here at Savvy are going indie and we know that many of you are as well. So we’ve gathered and vetted tools, providers and classes to help you navigate the Indie territory. Our IndieCafe’ classes and events are focused on the business side of being an Indie Author. We’re bringing you information from trademarks, to marketing to publishing platform choices like wide or KU?  And because we are SavvyAuthors, we also have fun and useful events planned just for you! C’mon in and check it out

Where you find recommended services for the self-published author.

We list recommended services and service providers specifically focused on the self-published author such as freelance editors, book cover artists, formatting experts, etc. that authors like you love and recommend. These are also reviewed by fellow SavvyAuthors members based on their own experiences. Every service on the IndieCafé Recommends list is just that—recommended, and those recommendations are backed up with validated reviews.  Need more information? We got that! Check out IndieCafe Recommends Help to read our guidelines and principals. 

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Classes, webinars, and special events focused on industry-changing trends and all the information that you need to succeed in your indie career.

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What is a Freelance Developmental Book Editor? By Meg LaTorre

Are you looking to hire a freelance developmental editor to work with you on your manuscript? Whether you intend to self-publish or pursue traditional publication, many writers seek out the assistance of freelance editors to polish their manuscripts. However, with so...

How To Argue With Your Editor by Zetta Brown

When you are writing for publication—regardless of its form—your main goal is communication. Your purpose to write may be to inform, educate, or entertain, but if you cannot communicate with your words effectively, why bother. I see my job as an editor as a part of...

Professional books on an Indie Budget – Great Covers by SJ Lomas

Judging a book by its cover I am a librarian, writer, and a reader. In each of those roles, I’ve encountered countless books and I’m going to go ahead and say it. We all judge books by their covers. Let’s admit it. The cover of a book is like the first impression of a...

How to Write Specific vs. Vague Conflict in a Query By Meg LaTorre

The purpose of a query is to entice a literary agent or editor to read (more of) your manuscript. Some literary agents will only read the manuscript pages if the query entices them enough, other agents will read both the query and pages for each submission they...

How to Effectively Manage Your Social Media Platforms as a Writer By Meg LaTorre

Being an author no longer means only writing. The publishing industry is competitive. Specifically, traditional publishing is far more difficult to break into than it used to be. Writers not only need to query an agent with a polished, nearly shelf-ready manuscript,...

5 Tips for Promoting your Book on Facebook by Anne Dayleview

Whether you are self published or traditionally published, there will come a time when you must face the dreaded… marketing!! One of the most powerful tools at your fingertips is Facebook Ads. While spending money on an ad may seem scary, especially if you are like...

Category Romance: Stories with Certainty for Uncertain Times with Michelle Karl

The world is on fire. Maybe even more on fire than it was last year at the same time… and when I sat down to write a post about category romance and comfort reading last summer, it seemed like things couldn’t get any worse. This morning I woke up to a report of a mass...

Author Platform: What Social Media Platforms Should Writers Use? By Meg LaTorre

Choosing the right social platforms Whether you’re published or yet-to-be-published, it’s important for writers to build an author platform right away. Author platforms are essential for both traditionally- and self-published authors in today’s modern world. But what...

How an Editor Knows Your Book Isn’t Ready After the First Chapter By Meg LaTorre

There are many things publishing professionals look for in your first pages and chapter: voice, storytelling personality, if the story starts in the right place, showing vs. telling, grammar, grasp of the English language, and more. As a freelance developmental editor...

How to reduce email unsubscribes by Lisa Siefert

You’ve finally done it: you’ve gained a new email subscriber.   Woo-hoo! Break out the champagne, kick back and revel in your newfound fanbase growth.   Next, comes the hard part: what do say to this new arrival? Should you single them out with an individual...