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Summer things afoot at SavvyAuthors by Leslie Dow

The early bird gets the worm and a discount!

And if you are like me (and also live in the Northern Hemisphere) you are looking forward to summer. We’ve got some great stuff planned as we transition into summer. Right about this time of year here in Arizona, the weather is warming, and the pool will be nearly ready to dive in! OMG, I can’t wait!

Here at SavvyAuthors, we love to encourage people to plan and achieve goals. Too often around this time of year, the whole goal setting thing starts lagging. (Or maybe that;s just me?  ) Anyway, we want to help you succeed, so we’re giving all your early planners a Spring Treat. Starting now if you register for a class at least one week before class starts you get $5 off the price! Yep, all you have to do is plan to take that excellent class a bit early. Each class has a coupon right on the listing that you apply when you check out. Now go forth, plan and SUCCEED!

Check out al the wonderful classes in our 2017 Calendar! We open up registration for new classes every day.

May is time for Spring Wow’em Pitchfest and PitchPrep!

First off, we have a Pitchfest coming up! We try to host four pitch opportunities every year, and this is our second. We bring in both editors and agents, and you do not need to be a SavvyAuthor’s member to participate. Our pitch events are held right here on the SavvyAuthors blog and are free to anyone with a great book to sell and a browser.

We’re adding both Editors and Agents to our May Pitchfest. We had a few folks request this and so our intrepid RJ Garside, and Riley Darkes have been scouring the internet to find new editors and agents. We’ll have a listing up very soon, so be sure to check the site and keep an eye open for updates in the SavvyAuthors Weekly News! And always with each of our pitchfests, we host a 4-day practice and polish mini-intensive so you can be sure that what you are pitching is picture perfect!

A NEW Editing Working Group and Liz’s amazing Three-Pass Webinar series!

We’re completely thrilled to be hosting Entangled Publishing’s Liz Pelletier’s amazing Three-Pass editing webinar series again. This year we’ve decided that we want all the participants to get off their good intentions and complete those edits! So, we have expanded the webinar series and added an Editing Working Group as part of the series. Sign up for all three of Liz’s webinars and spend the four weeks between them working on the edits with fellow webinar participants armed with Liz’s worksheets and SavvyAuthors editing tools. Neat idea, eh? We just love Liz’s approach and know this will help all of us put those ideas into practice.

We’ve also got two boot camps running this summer, one for Plotting to be followed quickly by one for writing. We’ve love for you to have a book done and ready to pitch when we bring back the editors and agents for our Fall Pitchtacular!

Lastly, a quick shout out for any of you who are interested in teaching for SavvyAuthors! We’re sending out our 2018 Request for Proposals today. We know our members are the best and often have the most wonderful workshop ideas. Need more information? Check it out here!

Happy writing and editing!

Leslie Dow, SavvyBlog Editor

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Leslie is:

  1. Leslie DowThe site director and owner of where she sits behind the curtain most days turning interweb knobs and twisting network dials.
  2. A complete and total slacker-writer who, if she does not get off her laurels and WRITE, is going to be flayed by the very talented writers who keep SavvyAuthors going.
  3. A rabid hiker who, when not on the trail, pours over the REI catalog, Sierra Trading Post website, and tries to justify buying more gear to shave another 1/2 ounce off her base pack weight.
  4. A medical device consultant who, when not hiking or thinking about hiking, occasionally works helping companies bring exceptionally cool and useful medical devices to market.
  5. An enthusiastic grandmother of the two cutest babies on the planet!!!!

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