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Margaret Johnston, Editor, Sourcebooks

Mystery, Literary Thriller, Psychological suspense, Women’s Fic, Historical Fic, Non-fiction, Memoirs

Currently looking for: Margaret “MJ” Johnston is an Editorial Assistant at Sourcebooks working in tandem with editors on the adult fiction and nonfiction teams on a wide variety of projects in the commercial space. On the fiction side, she is looking for stories that hit the sweet spot between commercial and literary, with interesting settings and a strong narrative voice; mystery (particularly cozies), literary thriller, and psychological suspense; as well as compelling women’s and historical fiction. For nonfiction, MJ is drawn to memoir by writers who connect with readers though incredible storytelling; social science titles that show an interesting lens on a timely topic; as well as a wide variety of prescriptive and narrative nonfiction books.

About Sourcebooks: Sourcebooks has strong distribution into the retail market–bookstores, gift stores and specialty shops whose primary product is something other than books–and provides tremendous editorial, sales, marketing and publicity support for our authors.

We follow a somewhat out-of-date model for book publishing that makes our passion for books central. In short, we believe in authorship. We work with our authors to develop great books that find and inspire a wide audience. We believe in helping develop our authors’ careers, and recognize that a well-published, successful book is often a cornerstone. We seek authors who are as committed to success as we are.

Find more about Margaret Johnston and Sourcebooks

Celia Breslin, Editor, Champagne Books

Romance, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Sci Fi Romance

Celia is looking for: Romance (all heat levels, sweet to erotic, but particularly higher heat), urban fantasy, and romantic science fiction. In all genres, Celia would like to see character-driven, emotional stories with a strong conflict, quirky, sassy, and smart heroes and heroines, oodles of sexual tension, and a solid plot arc. Urban fantasy and paranormal romance are her first loves, plus trope-driven contemporaries with quirky or surprising meet-cutes, humor and/or action, preferably written in dual POV. Bring on the fated mates, the second chance couple, the alpha male bad boys and kickass heroines, the cute nerds, soul-searching musicians, sexy CEOs, military heroes and heroines… Thumbs up for stories with series potential.

About Champagne Book Group: Celia is an avid reader, published author, and editor. She lives in California with her husband, daughter, and two feisty cats. When not writing or editing, you’ll find Celia exercising (really), reading, hanging with her family, or indulging her addiction to Joss Whedon’s TV shows and movies.

Find more about Champagne Book Group or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter.

Jennifer Herrington, Editor, Lyrical Press

All genres of Mystery (especially Cozies), Thrillers, Suspense, Sci-Fi, & Historical, Romance and non-romance submissions

Currently looking for: Jennifer reads and edits across all genres of fiction.

About Jennifer: Jennifer is a Freelance Editor for Lyrical Press. She has spent time as a newspaper reporter, copy editor, and writer of industrial manuals and safety procedures, radio newscaster, and perpetual student. Now, she has her dream job spending her days and nights reading, acquiring, and editing fiction. On her days off, she can be found chasing after her three boys or sitting on the couch watching sports with her husband.

Jennifer is currently on the lookout for fresh stories, strong engaging voices, and characters she can’t stop thinking about. She’s looking to acquire in a variety of categories, including all genres of mystery, thrillers, suspense, Sci-Fi, and historical. Romance and romantic elements are welcomed, but not required. Novellas, serials, and full-length novels are welcomed.

Find more about Jennifer Herrington and Lyrical Press

Kris Jacen, Editor, MLR Press

M/M Romance, M/M Historical, M/M Action/Adventure, M/M Paranormal

Currently looking for: Kris really enjoys stories with military (though she’s really tough on them), doctors (more please and thank you) and single dads just trying to make it (or hiring a manny). ManLoveRomance (MLR) publishes the spectrum of gay stories (contemporary, science fiction, BDSM, mystery, military, historical, paranormal) is currently open to stories ranging in length from 15,000 to 120,000. All genres are welcome and encouraged. Kris is currently looking for: Contemporary – romance in a contemporary setting in any of the heat level ranges; doctors, unusual professions. Paranormal – MAGIC (I’d love to see a great story with magic throughout), shifters, fantasy. Historical – colonial through Vietnam. Action/Adventure – military, suspense, police, firefighters, FBI.

About MLR Press: ManLoveRomance Press offers the highest quality stories to readers of our genre – mainly gay fiction and gay erotic roman, what we call manlove. Manlove includes the fine art of gay erotic stories written for the romantic-minded reader, for both men and women who find the fantasy of two – or more – gorgeous, intriguing men in love – or lust – thrilling and captivating.  We believe in delivering every steamy moment of it.

Founded with a goal of bringing the finest to its discriminating readers, ManLoveRomance Press publishes books that span the range of human experience and imagination, in past, present and future.  We have new worlds, mysteries, vampires, ghosts and aliens that entertain and delight. We take readers on amazing adventures through the creative minds and skills of a select group of bright uniquely talented authors and artists. We’re opening doors for readers and writers of gay erotic fiction.

Find out more about Kris Jacen of MLR Press

Boroughs Publishing Group

All Sub-Genres of Romance (not Inspirational)

Currently looking for: We publish all sub-genres of romance except for inspirational romance. Currently we are interested in fantasy romance with strong world building, paranormal romance that puts an interesting spin on traditional tropes, LGBTQ+ romance, multi-cultural romance, NA romance, YA romance, erotic romance where the romance is the spine of the story, and historical romance with richly drawn characters. Authors should have heroes and heroines that are multi-dimensional with strong internal conflicts. We’re looking for stories that pull in the reader on page one, and keep them up until four in the morning to finish the book. Think compelling, and remember everyday people are capable of extraordinary love – we’d like to see that in writing.

About Boroughs: We love Romance. A great story. Compelling characters. A good turn of the written word. A happy ending.

We’re seeking submissions from writers who can deliver the emotional punch readers crave. Space cowboys, gargoyles, the hunk next-door and crusty cops welcome. Boroughs Publishing Group will not limit your imagination; we encourage creative freedom. Stick to the tropes of the genre or push the envelope, as long as you’re providing well written incredible story-telling we’re game.

Karen Grove, Editor, Entangled Publishing

YA, NA, Adult

Karen is currently looking for:

  • A series set in a tight-knit working community (military academy, Coast Guard training, fire academy, SEAL training). Where work, play, and free time all collide.
  • Sports romance: Hockey—ice or roller—and lacrosse.
  • Heroes who put their lives on the line to protect and help others.
  • Every-day, blue collar guys who have built their jobs into a successful, thriving business.
  • Every-day heroines readers can relate to who happen to find themselves in extraordinary places—Italy, France, the Caribbean, Greece—and find themselves falling for a local hottie.
  • As for tropes, my favorites are: Forced Proximity, Fish Out of Water, Opposites Attract, Bad Boy Reformed, Boss/Employee, and Enemies to Lovers.

About Karen: Karen Grove has spent the last 35 years in the publishing industry—first working in the design department of St. Martin’s Press, then in the production departments of Hearst Magazines and Academic Press, and finally (beginning in 1985) in the children’s editorial department of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. For much of that time she specialized in young adult fiction, collaborating with many fine writers and agents to make certain their manuscripts reached their highest potential. In addition to her work with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and her freelance editing business, she has been a Senior Editor with Entangled Publishing since 2012, where she works with a group of wonderful writers who feed her addiction for romance.

To learn more about Karen Grove and Entangled Publishing, visit their website: Entangled Publishing

Kate Brauning, Editor, Entangled Publishing

YA, NA, Adult

Kate is currently looking for: Books I’m looking for combine beautiful, razor-sharp writing with a high-concept plot and surprising, nuanced characters. High-tension romances, big personalities, deep emotional journeys, rural settings, sibling relationships, and ambitious characters will usually catch my attention. See more of what I’m looking for on my website:

About Kate: Kate Brauning is an editor at Entangled Publishing. She acquires young adult with romantic elements, new adult, and adult romance across Entangled’s imprints. Authors Kate has worked with include Lydia Kang, Ingrid Paulson, Julie Hammerle, and Golden Heart finalist and RT Awards nominee Kimberly Bell. Books of note on Kate’s list include USA Today bestseller No Kissing Allowed by Melissa West, Kirkus star recipient and Kirkus indie book of the month Island of Exiles by Erica Cameron, and the much-anticipated fall 2017 releases 27 Hours by Tristina Wright and The November Girl by Lydia Kang.

To learn more about Kate Brauning and Entangled Publishing, visit their website: Entangled Publishing

Stephen Morgan, Editor, Entangled Publishing

YA, Adult Romance

Stephen is currently looking for: High concept stories you can describe/sell in a single sentence.

For YA: Historical with a fantasy angle. Contemporary in fantastic settings. Huge love for the unapologetic asshole hero and the heroine who manages to bring out his hidden heart. I’d love something with a hero from royalty. Show me something that feels familiar but gives an irresistible twist.

For Adult, I want a trope-driven story with a strong romantic conflict and a focus on strong alpha heros and relatable heroines. Office romance, falling in love with the nanny, mistaken identity, Cinderella, ugly duckling, and above all, enemies to lovers.

About Stephen: I have a Master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. I’ve edited first-time authors, multi-published authors, and NYT and USA Today bestselling authors. It’s a thrill when I see an author’s book win awards and hit a bestseller list. I have a beautiful little chihuahua-terrier mix that is my pride and joy. Follow me on Twitter @Stephen_Edits if you want more puppy pics.

To learn more about Stephen Morgan and Entangled Publishing, visit their website: Entangled Publishing

Robin Haseltine, Editor, Entangled Publishing

Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance

Robin is currently looking for: Robin Haseltine is Hot for Historicals. Both Select Single Title and Scandalous, especially if they incorporate historical events, politics, or suspense. Her favorite eras are Regency, Victorian, and Highlander. She loves humorous and light voices as well as dark, angsty, and emotional tones. Bring on the high romance, clever double-entendres, and super alpha Lairds and Lords! She is also looking for Paranormal Romances–Fangs or Fur, Super Alpha males and sassy females, please apply!

About Robin: Senior Editor Robin Haseltine began interning with Liz Pelletier shortly after Entangled Publishing opened their doors in 2011. She’s seen her authors reach the top of Amazon and Nook charts, receive rave reviews on Kirkus, Romantic Times, nominated for a RITA, earn Galaxy Awards, and hit the USA Today Bestselling lists. Robin is a development and structure editor who believes in working with an author to enhance voice and deepen their story.

To learn more about Robin Hasletine and Entangled Publishing, visit their website: Entangled Publishing

Theresa Cole, Editor, Entangled Publishing

YA, Romance, Paranormal Romance

Theresa is currently looking for: If you have a high-concept story with a fresh twist and humor (for any imprint), I’d love to see your pitch !​I’d love to see submissions for our AmaraEntangled Teen, and/or Teen Crave lines, but I’m specifically looking for the following:

  • ​Fairy ​tale retellings based in our world.
  • Contemporary sci-fi that’s plausible enough to make readers think it actually could happen.
  • Shifters! Please send me all of the growly, hot-as-hell shifters! Doesn’t have to be wolves!

​I’d love a big series with the old-school feel of Lara Adrian or Gena Showalter.

  • A fresh take on ​past favorites, alternate histories with a spin, etc. Take the stories we know and throw a new twist into them.
  • I’m always a sucker for a cowboy, and I’d love to see some laugh-out-loud, small town romantic comedies.

​ Even better if they feature a slight paranormal/fantasy element.

My favorite tropes are fish out of water, older brother’s best friend, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, and forbidden love. Incorporate a few of those into a book with a relatable heroine and an alpha (not alphahole!) hero, and I’m hooked!

About Theresa: A self-proclaimed book and coffee addict, Theresa has been devouring words most of her life. She’s worked with numerous publishers and authors, some of whom went on to become NYT and USA Today bestsellers. Paranormal romance will always be her first true love, but any story that makes her laugh, cry, or both is a sure win, especially if sexy cowboys are involved. She likes her contemporaries with a dash of humor, her paranormal romances with tortured heroes, and she’s a sucker for the older brother’s best friend. Theresa resides in the beautiful state of Michigan with her husband, sons, and one cat who thinks he owns them all. When she’s not editing, writing, or reading, she can usually be found at her son’s sporting events or daydreaming about living somewhere warmer. Contact her at [email protected] and check out her Twitter for her current #mswl.

To learn more about Theresa Cole and Entangled Publishing, visit their website: Entangled Publishing

Alethea Spiridon, Editorial Director, Entangled Publishing

Historical Romance

Alethea is currently looking for: I’m looking for historical romance primarily set in in Victorian, Regency, Highlander, and Victorian eras, and then romances with a strong alpha male and spunky heroines who show the hero he actually has to work for something he wants in his life…for once. Crackling sexual tension and chemistry and three clear, strong tropes need to be present in everything asked for.

About Alethea: Alethea has been an editor for over 18 years and loves every minute of helping authors see their vision for characters and story come true. She read her first romances after a breakup in high school and hasn’t looked back since. She lives in Ontario, Canada where she writes by night and gives questionable dating advice on her blog.

To learn more about Theresa Cole and Entangled Publishing, visit their website: Entangled Publishing

Rhonda Penders, Editor, The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

Romance, Mainstream Fiction, YA

Rhonda is looking for: We acquire adult mainstream fiction across all genres including historical fiction, science fiction, erotica, women’s fiction, romance, thrillers, cozy mysteries, paranormal, action, and YA.  We do not work with children’s books or poetry.

About Rhonda: Rhonda is President and Editor-in-Chief of The Wild Rose Press.  She and her business partner, RJ Morris, opened the company back in 2006.  TWRP, as it is affectionately known, is home to authors worldwide and currently has over 3000 active titles.  Although started as a romance only publisher, they opened their garden gate to adult mainstream fiction (including historical fiction, science fiction, erotica, thrillers, etc.) in 2013.  They also publish YA but do not currently work with children’s books or poetry.  They publish in ebook format as well as print and audio.

Rhonda lives in Upstate New York in a tiny hamlet nestled along the Erie Canal.   She and her husband, Scott, have been married 32 years and have three adult sons, two cats and an annoying spoiled Siberian Husky.  She enjoys writing, boating, cooking and baking and is never happier then when all her sons are home and around her table.

Learn more about The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

Laura Kelly, Editor, The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

Romance sub-genres, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Mainstream Fiction, Women’s Fiction 

Laura Kelly is looking for:  She edits Romantic Suspense, also known Crimson Rose, as well as Mainstream Mystery, Suspense, Suspense with elements of Romance, and Thrillers. She has also edited contemporary romance, lighter paranormals – meaning characters with some sort of special power, fantasy stories, or ghosts. She has also edited later-in-life romances, cowboy romances, vintage stories, and women’s fiction. Her personal heat level preference is sensuous to spicy to hot, maybe even a little steamy, but no erotica. Sweet is also doable if it’s a romantic suspense, women’s fiction, or mainstream anything.

About Laura Kelly and The Wild Rose Press: Laura Kelly has been an editor with The Wild Rose press since three months after TWRP opened its doors in 2006.  She’s edited over 85 novels and short stories for TWRP.  She does not edit the darker fantasy, werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters and the like, but TWRP does have an excellent group of editors in Black Rose.  As a personal best, Laura was named the top editor at Preditors and Editors for three years in a row.

Laura has also edited:

  • 2 Reward of Novel Excellence (RONE) Finalists from InD’tale Magazine
  • 1 RONE Award winner from InD’tale Magazine
  • 1 Reader’s Crown Award Finalist from RomCon
  • 2 Reader’s Crown Award Winners from RomCon
  • 1 EPIC eBook Award Finalist
  • 3 EPIC eBook Award Winners
  • And 3 New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf Award Winners

She looks forward to hearing about the story in your heart.

Learn more about The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

Susan Brooks, Editor, Literary Wanderlust

Mystery, Thriller, Romance sub-genres, Historical Fiction, Western 

Susan Brooks and the Literary Wanderlust are looking for: Literary Wanderlust publishes well-written fiction and is currently acquiring mystery, thriller, urban fantasy, fantasy romance, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, historical romance, historical fiction, and western genres. We are not currently accepting YA submissions.

About  Susan Brooks of Literary Wanderlust: Susan Brooks has served on the board of directors for Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, a non-profit educational organization supporting both published and aspiring writers of commercial fiction, since 2009. She holds a master’s degree in publishing from George Washington University and has many years of editorial experience. She currently serves Literary Wanderlust, a small Denver-based traditional publisher, as Editor in Chief.

Learn more about Literary Wanderlust

Char Chaffin, Editor, Soul Mate Publishing

Historical, Paranormal, Time Travel, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Char Chaffin and Soul Mate Publishing are looking for: As an editor, Char specializes in series/trilogies, and welcomes historical, paranormal, time travel, and sci-fi/fantasy. She is constantly on the lookout for imaginative, edgy, romantic passion that will sweep her away.

About Char Chaffin and Soul Mate Publishing: A Senior Acquisitions Editor for Soul Mate Publishing, Char Chaffin studied Journalism and English Literature at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She has over fifteen years’ writing and critique experience, belongs to several writing groups and is a member of RWA, including Alaska Romance Writers, and Central NY Romance Writers. She is an avid reader with a fondness for horror and science-fiction as well as romance and erotica.

Learn more about Char Chaffin and Soul Mate Publishing

Cheryl Yeko, Editor, Soul Mate Publishing

Romantic Suspense, Sci-Fi Romance, Paranormal Romance

Cheryl Yeko and Soul Mate Publishing are looking for:  Steamy Romantic Suspense, Sexy Sci-Fi, and Hot Paranormal.

About Cheryl Yeko and Soul Mate Publishing: Cheryl Yeko is a multi-published, award-winning author and Senior Acquiring Editor with Soul Mate Publishing. She also co-writes with fellow Soul Mate Publishing Editor, Char Chaffin, under the pen-name CiCi Cordelia.
She received her Administrative Assistant Degree from Milwaukee Area Technical College, in Wisconsin, as well as a Paralegal Certification through the American Institute for Paralegal Studies. She has over twenty-five years as a Legal Assistant, involving the drafting of legal correspondence and court documents. She belongs to several writing groups, and is a member of RWA.
Cheryl lives in Wisconsin with her husband Patrick, and loves to read, play piano, and spend time with family and friends. She enjoys novels with fast-paced action and steamy romance, protective alpha men and strong heroines.

Learn more about Cheryl Yeko and Soul Mate Publishing

Gail Martin, Editor, Passion In Print

Paranormal, Historical, Mystery & Suspense, Contemporary, Erotic Romance

Gail Martin and Passion In Print are looking for:  Paranormal – Vampires, shifters, magic, science fiction and fantasy, Historical – Stories set in ancient times through WWII, Mystery & Suspense – Murder. Mayhem. Heart pounding suspense, Contemporary – Romance set in contemporary settings. Steamy or sultry, heartwarming or comedic, Erotic Romance – Scorching hot romances. A significant portion of the story should be devoted to graphic and explicit sex scenes which further the romantic plot and characterization.

About Gail Martin and Passion In Print: My name is Gail Martin and I’ve been a senior editor with Passion in Print for three years now. We are currently looking for Short Stories ranging from 10,000 to 50,000. Novels ranging from 65,000 words to 120,000 words. All genres are encouraged. We publish stories that are about the romance between a man and a woman, specifically. Ménage is acceptable as either M/F/M or F/M/FM relationships or sex scenes. We prefer HEA or HFN.

Gail loves all genres and has recently developed a love of all things alien. Her personal favorites are anything set in Scotland, shifters wolves and dragons are among her favs, she’s also partial to vampires.

Learn more about Gail Martin and Passion In Print

Lea Schizas, Editor, MuseItUp Publishing

Paranormal Romance

Lea Schizas and MuseItUp Publishing are looking for:  Paranormal romance, novella or novels, including series.

About Lea Schizas and MuseItUp Publishing: MuseItUp Publishing, a Canadian award-winning house, was founded in 2010 and has the privilege of acquiring prolific authors from around the world. We are first-most an e-publishing home with several titles also in paperback. Our books can be found in most of the major online vendors, and have contracts with two major printers.

Learn more about Lea Schizas and MuseItUp Publishing

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