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THREE PASS EDITING SERIES with Liz Pelletier, CEO and Publisher at Entangled Publishing:

First Pass Edit

Wednesday September 12 at 9–11 p.m. EST | Registration NOW open!

Editing your book well can mean the difference between having a bestseller and having a midlist book that quietly disappears from the marketplace. If you want your manuscript to rise to the top, this class is for you.

Part one of this groundbreaking editing workshop will help you understand four of the six cornerstones of a best-selling novel. You will look at the roles of plot, characters, stakes, and structure in your manuscript. Without these essential elements, your book will fall flat.

You will dig deep and evaluate plot structure, character, motivation, pace, and setting through the eyes of an editor. You’ll also learn the process of the First Pass review, including the critical elements editors look for, determining your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, where restructuring is necessary, and the core ways to make your book stand out in a highly competitive publishing market.


Second Pass Edit

Wednesday October 17 at 9–11 p.m. EST | Registration NOW open!

You’ve successfully looked at plot, characters, stakes, and structure during your first pass of edits. But are you done?

Not. Even. Close. Next up is a closer look at refining characters, fixing plot holes, upping the all important internal conflict, developing stronger end of scene hooks, and revealing voice.

Whoa! That’s a tall order. You’re right, it is.

There are three inconsistencies in motivation, plot, and structure that tend to prevent a reader from connecting with a story. In part two of this ground-breaking workshop, you’ll learn the critical elements of the Second Pass analysis, enabling you to see where your manuscript is strong and where you can smooth and refine your writing and structure to ensure your story is consistent and compelling


Third Pass Edit

Wednesday November 21 at 9–11 p.m. EST | Registration NOW open!

Today’s publishing world is full of under-edited commercial fiction. This simple fact makes the Third Pass absolutely crucial. This is the most overlooked, and yet most important editing round.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the tools that professional editors use to give bestselling manuscripts a shiny polish. You’ll learn the most common and preventable mistakes seen in today’s abundant marketplace. Learn to catch and correct these critical issues before your book hits the shelves and rise above the masses.