Call for proposals for our Eighth Annual SavvvyWriterCon Online Conference

In the spirit of SavvyAuthors’ motto, Writers Helping Writers, once a year, we open the site to everyone and encourage our presenters to give back to the writing community through their knowledge and expertise as we use our market reach to help you sell books and strengthen your brand. This year SavvyWriterCon will be from September 14-16, with SavvyWriterCon Pitchfest from September 12-14


What do you get for hosting a learning intensive or webinar?

  • One FREE Premium Membership! for one year to, valued at $40. We want you to come back and continue to participate after SavvyWriterCon!  
  • Networking opportunities! This online conference is full of aspiring authors, self-published, and traditionally published authors, publishing editors, literary agents, and more.
  • Promotion! We promote the SavvyWriterCon event across our social media accounts, and to our newsletter list of over 6,000 subscribers. We purchase ad space in Facebook and Instagram to promote the event. Plus, we have more than 2,000 users come through the site over the three days of the conference
  • More promotion! We will feature your name and brand on our site and in our newsletter (distribution of 6,000 confirmed recipients). We will feature your book on the front page of our site for a month


Tell me more!

With our eighth annual SavvyWriterCon online conference fast approaching (September 14 – September 16th.), we are on the lookout for high-level content, and fresh, fascinating topics related to writers of all genres and at all stages in their career or path to success.

If you are an aspiring author, published author (traditional or self-published), or an industry expert (editor, agent, cover artist, book formatter) with a topic or idea to share with the writing world, we want to hear from you!


About SavvyWriterCon

SavvyWriterCon is an online conference for writers at all levels and stages in their careers.  Our online conference features forum-based mini-intensive workshops and live webinars.


Learning Intensives

Learning intensives are held in our SavvyAuthors forums and do not require you to be present at a specific time as our members are in time zones across the world!

Learning intensives consist of two to three lessons of any length, preferably including assignments that initiate discussions between members. The first lesson is to be posted by 10 a.m. EST on 9/14. Additional lessons can be posted anytime after. We also ask that you check in on 9/16 to answer any questions or post any closing remarks.

*SavvyAuthors support staff is available to assist with any issues or technical difficulties.



Webinars are held live in Eastern Standard Time (EST) using our online conferencing software (, for approximately one hour (45 minutes of content, 15 minutes of Q&A). PowerPoint or slide presentations are strongly recommended or a live walk-through of some sort.

*SavvyAuthors support staff is available to assist with any issues or technical difficulties.


Suggested Topics:

This year, in addition to offering content on craft-based and mainstream publishing, we are also looking for topics related to indie publishing. The list below is a suggestion feel free to offer other great topics!


Elements of Craft:

  • How to find the theme of your book
  • Creating diverse characters
  • Plotting methods (especially beat sheets)
  • Creating the high concept premise
  • Adding conflict to your book without adding in drama
  • Genre-specific topics such as how much sex can be included in a YA romance, etc.
  • Tips on how to write more


Mainstream Publishing:

  • How to find an agent
  • Tips to craft a dynamite pitch, query, synopsis
  • How to wow an editor or agent


Indie Publishing:

  • Creating a street team
  • What advertising works (and what doesn’t)
  • Going Wide versus Kindle Unlimited
  • How to format your book
  • Quick crash course in InDesign and Vellum


If you have any questions or if you’d like to participate in a learning intensive or webinar, please email the following to RJ @

Submit your Intensive or Webinar Proposal NOW!

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  • P
    P.I. Barrington
  • July 8, 2018
Hmm, give me a day or two and I'll get back to you! It sounds like a lot of fun and information!
    Cool! Shoot us an email we're scheduling classes and webinars now! :-D
  • M
    Marija Carpenter
  • July 14, 2018
Sign me up, I'd love to go.
    Just come to the site those days and attend! :)