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Business Podcast Promotion for Indie Authors with Amy Bernstein

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Class Length
2 Weeks
Lights! Camera! Action! Podcasts are a great way to get free publicity and reach thousands of potential readers. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to research podcasts that welcome authors like you as their guests; how to write a pitch to be on a podcast; and how to prepare for, and behave on, a podcast show (whether audio-only or video and audio). You’ll think through how podcasting fits within your author and book branding strategies.

Participants have the option of submitting short pitch videos for feedback.
The instructor has appeared on countless podcasts and often gets invited back.
Class Format
Savvy Authors' workshops are held on a forum: a bulletin board based system. You will receive a reminder notice one day prior to the start of the workshop that includes instructions on how to access the workshop forum. If you have not received instructions by the day the workshop begins, please check your spam filter.

The forum will be available the morning (EST) of the day the workshop starts and will remain accessible to all participants thereafter. You will also be given simple instructions on how to create a PDF of all your discussions along with our privacy and data retention policy.
Amy L Bernstein
Start date
Apr 1, 2024 at 9:00 AM
End date
Apr 15, 2024 at 12:50 AM
Registration end date
Apr 4, 2024 at 12:50 AM
4.67 star(s) 6 ratings

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Latest reviews

I found the content and homework gave me confidence in my preparation for a podcast where I am speaking on an uncomfortable topic as a survivor/writer. Amy talked about how I may protect myself when looking for podcast shows to be a guest on and how to manage any questions I may not want to answer. Etiquette is something I appreciate. Even though I have a podcast show myself I learned what I could expect of my guests and will apply to my podcast prepping with guests in future. The intro, conversation guidelines and the closer were interesting to see set out in writing. The critique exercise, live with Amy, showed me I do know my subject and what kinds of questions I might be asked. It showed me how I can feel like I'm answering a question but when I reviewed the recording - I could do better at staying on topic! Interestingly, where I was going to talk on my book's topic, there is also an audience who will appreciate my writer's journey, sharing a survivor story, and all I learned along the way. I hadn't thought about being a podcast guest in terms of it being a writer's healing journey. Overall, it was great value for such a low cost! Thank you Amy for making yourself available to help me shape a podcast pitch a few times; and for the live interview practice.
The one-on-one time with the instructor was the saving grace for this class. It was an extremely valuable half hour where I learned what works and what doesn't for podcasts, and it helped me hone my skills for future use.

The reason why I only gave three stars for the course is because my expectations were not met. I signed up for a two-week course, which made me believe that there would be daily check-ins, skills to learn and build on each day, and a continuous discussion. Instead, I received all the information for the entire two weeks in the first hour (which took me less than an hour to read through and make notes on). There was one homework assignment that the instructor provided a bit of feedback on, but no further discussion past that point besides general clarifications on expectations of the assignment. The instructor also provided links to pages where we could see examples of podcast pitches, but as far as I could figure, you needed to create an account to be able to access the information.

To me, this was not a two-week course, but rather an opportunity to pay for some info sheets and a professional critique. If the "course" was advertised this way, I would have had very different expectations coming into it.

I'd recommend this course for anyone who wants to get a critique on podcast pitches and practicing being interviewed on a podcast. If you are looking for information on podcasts (finding them, prepping for them, etc), a Google search will be just as good.