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Classes Starting the Week of January 28

OMG it’s the last week in January! What writing skills have you added this month? If that answer is less than you would like we have some great classes to wrap up January! Classes starting this week Writing the Male Point of View with Sascha Illyvich ~ January...

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The Road to Publication by Michelle Buckman

Many roads lead to writing successfully. Perhaps you’re just starting, or perhaps you’ve been working toward publication for quite a while. What you have to determine is how to keep moving in the right direction. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re going about it in...

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Classes Starting the Week of January 21

Classes & Events I’m digging out of the snow this week, but what a perfect time to start a new SavvyAuthors class? Stay warm and dry everyone! Basic Parts of Speech, and How to Use Them with Terri Main ~ January 21 – January 27 How to Keep the Readers...

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Opinions. Everybody’s Got One – the Pro Rookie By Liz Crowe

By way of not taking my own advice, I’ve been following a few folks on Twitter who, let’s just say, are super into offering advice for authors. Their advice is many times useful. Other times it seems to be they are channeling their pet peeves vis a’ vis “books”...

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