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Adding Humor to Our Books with Ally Broadfield

Sociologists, anthropologists, and biologists believe that the ability of humans to laugh serves two essential life functions: to lessen tension and anxiety, and to help us bond with others. Both of these are compelling reasons to incorporate humor into your writing....

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Classes Starting the Week of Sept. 16 & 23

Starting the Week of September 16 Incorporating Humor into Your Writing with Ally Broadfield  Learn the ins and outs of being or avoiding a Private Eye with Jimmy Morris  Master Workshop in Story Planning with June Diehl  Special Events, Programs, and Webinars...

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Top 5 Developmental Editing Issues by Christine Amsden

Even after eight years of developmental (story) editing, I never know quite what to expect when I read a new client’s work for the first time. Every project is unique, with strengths and weaknesses that need to be weighed and measured. That’s why developmental editing...

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The Right Time to Write By Becky Martinez

Recently at a class reunion I was asked if I was asked by old classmates about my writing – how I could continue to find time to write new fiction books and how I could ever continue to come up with story ideas and new characters. My immediate response was that I am...

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DEADLINE: IMPOSSIBLE by Deborah Riley-Magnus

Is there anything more terrifying than a looming deadline? Whether it’s a weight loss goal before bikini season, tax fear of April 15th, or a publishing deadline, it can rattle the nerves in ways that seriously mess up our stomach for weeks. Just think about the...

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Classes Starting the Week of Sept. 9 & 16

Starting the Week of September 9 Scrivener Scene by Scene with Ines Johnson Beginner Writing Series with Becky Martinez  (Three Workshop Series) Let’s Plot Your Novel with Becky Martinez  Edit on Budget with Christine Amsden  Special Events, Programs, and Webinars...

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