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When Life Gives You Lemons – the Pro Rookie By Liz Crowe

Once Upon a Time… An Author wrote a blog post…. And then everything changed…   Greetings Liz Acolytes and even you, over there in the corner, wishing you had the self-control not to read my monthly ramblings about my life as author. I’m going to draw your...

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Classes Starting the Week of November 19

Great online classes for writers starting every week! Don’t TELL me that! with Leslie Scott Layering: Not Just for Cakes with Chris Redding Writing to Teach: How to’s, Courses, and Instructional Video Scripts with Terri Main Kill Boring Plots with Yvonne Walus Going...

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Universal Face Expressions by Chris Redding

There are six universal facial expressions: happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, anger, disgust. They look the same in all cultures. Think about when you are sad. You may be at work and don’t want to talk about it, but you will probably convey the emotion anyway. You...

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Show and Tell by Leslie Scott

Here it is, the scariest sentence in all of fiction publishing: I’m going to need more showing and less telling.   I’m sure if you’ve ever submitted to an editor, agent, or contest at some point you’ve heard “I need you to show me what is happening here, not tell me...

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Is Your Book’s Setting A Legitimate Character? By Yvonne Walus

What is a character? Can your book’s setting act as a character in the story? What does that even mean? Characters have morals, personality, emotions and mood swings. They want, they feel, they act. Most of all, they influence and plot. Often, they will also change...

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